Brother Wayne is a full-length movie DVD about the extraordinary life & ministry of Wayne Smith from his birth to his memorial service. You’ll laugh one minute & cry the next.

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An excellently & most professionally produced documentary of Wayne's life. If you knew him or even knew of him you'll definitely want to see this.

David Waits

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Produced by Gerlach Productions
Distributed by
Running time: 97 minutes

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Customer Reviews

The following reviews were submitted to the Brother Wayne Movie Facebook page.

Very comprehensive movie of Wayne's life. Professionally done with good blending of interview, commentary and historic footage. Includes some bonus stories that add to the main content.

Don Cork

I knew Brother Wayne years ago and he was a great help to me in ministry. This movie is most excellent and it gives us a picture of the man we loved so much as well as showing his... read more

Herb Alexander

I loved this video. Heart warming, reminded me of all the times he spoke at our church in CA. He was the best joke teller, a gifted speaker with a passion for God's word. Learned a lot... read more

Connie Watson

Absolutely love the way Wayne's story is told in this DVD! Learned even more about him. I was so blessed to have been a member of Southland Christian for many, many years and sang in the choir with Marge.... read more

Verna Kendall

There are so many precious memories shared in this tender hearted production. If Wayne Smith touched your life, you will laugh and cry and rejoice that he was God”s gift to us.

Marilyn Geren

This is one of the finest documentaries that I have ever seen. Greg, you did a fabulous job putting all of this together. Thank you for all of your hard work! I pray that tens of thousands of people will... read more

Jim Lloyd

This captures the Wayne B. Smith we all loved and adored. I recommend this to anyone that knew or was touched by Wayne.

Vickie Clevenger Willis

This is a great movie about the life of a great man!

Karen Jackson Hackney

We loved this movie about the life of Wayne Smith. You laugh and you cry and you realize just how special this man of God was on so many levels. Wayne's life story will inspire you for sure.

Steve Fair

I love it! It is really nice to have this CD. If your down in the dumps or bored or just having one of those day's, pop this in and you will feel better! Just like when Brother Wayne would... read more

Sheila Kay Moberly Mondelli

The man, the memories, the privilege of knowing him personally resonates in this DVD. I was blessed to be in his home several times, work part time for him and attend the marvelous church that he helped to build.... read more

Mindi Thore

Everyone needs to watch this movie. In ministry or out of ministry.

Amy Elizabeth

My wife and I really enjoyed this movie. It shows what a generous man and great Christian Wayne Smith was to so many people. We would recommend this movie both to people who want to know more about Wayne Smith,... read more

Greg Kasten

It is a moving Story of Wayne Smiths Life. You will Laugh and Cry at the story Wayne gives and the story's that other tell of how they were touch by Wayne's Ministry to them..

John Hendershot

I was moved beyond words. Brother Wayne is a movie that I will watch again and again. It contains not only a beautiful telling of the life and ministry of Wayne Smith, but also a very personal interview... read more

Steve Sams

Every preacher and every member of the Christian Church needs to get a copy of this terrific movie about the life of WAYNE SMITH and share it with everyone you know. You’ll laugh and cry and thank God He gave... read more

Barry Cameron

A great man, full of love, joy and humility. What an inspiration!

David Adams

This is a wonderful and professional presentation of a great and precious man. It is well worth viewing and a great reminder of many precious memories.

Chuck Lees

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